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Version: 2.3
Release Date: March 9 , 2012



- Added ability to create reports by resource from MS Project

- Performance improvements when reporting from MS Project



- Fixed "Skip Top Rows" feature for reports using Excel as a data source

- Updated digital certficate



Microsoft Project Extension Available


Create reports from Microsoft Project plans using the RNA-Project extension. This extension requires ReportsDNA 1.1 or greater. ReportsDNA 1.1 includes the RNA-Project extension in your installation folder (the default folder is c:\Program Files\ReportsDNA).


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HP Quality Center Extension

Create defect reports from HP Quality Center using the RNA-QualityCenter extension. This extension requires ReportsDNA 1.1 or greater

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ReportsDNA / ReportZilla Uninstaller


Note: This download is not needed by ReportsDNA 1.4 or greater as it includes an automated uninstaller.

This spreadsheet will uninstall ReportsDNA and ReportZilla from all versions of Excel. It can also delete ReportsDNA and ReportZilla to ensure Excel doesn't load older versions that exist on our computer.


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