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ReportsDNA provides an easy-to-use interface that allows anyone to create reports directly in Excel. It has the following features and benefits.


Simple: everyone can create a report in minutes – a developer is not required.

  • Simplifies design - reports are created simply by selecting options in the completely visual user interface.
  • There is no development, no coding, no requirements
  • Eliminates need for developers, which saves both money and time
  • Empowers users - report changes can be made in minutes instead of weeks.


Extensible:  one tool, unlimited data source potential

  • ReportsDNA comes with the ability to create reports from the following sources:
    • ClearQuest
    • Excel Spreadsheets
    • Databases (Access, Oracle, DB2 …)
    • Text Files
    • XML
    • Web pages
  • ReportsDNA can be extended with additional sources allowing you to read information from new data sources. 
  • The extensions pull the information into Excel, ReportsDNA creates the report. 
  • These extensions are automatically displayed in the ReportsDNA interface as new options.
  • One reporting tool for many applications means users no longer have to learn a new tool for each application.

Automation: ReportsDNA is feature-rich, automating frequently used functions in Microsoft Excel

The following functionality is fully automated when a report is generated.


  • Multiple reports in each workbook – each worksheet contains its unique report configuration.
  • Accepts dynamic parameters (e.g., report that always shows data from TODAY)
  • Prompt users for parameters at time of report creation
  • Invoke a macro before a report is generated, which can be used a data source
  • Invoke a macro after a report is created

Data Retrieval

  • Retrieve data from any data store
  • Display all records, only unique records, only duplicate records
  • Filter out unwanted data

Report Layout

  • Create report in a table or by using a template
  • Group by field
  • Sort by up to 3 fields with the ability to specify a custom sort order for each field
  • Specify field order
  • Display field names
  • Suppress unwanted fields
  • Number records
  • Total number of records
  • Automatically separate data into separate worksheets

Formatting Options

  • Specify font, font size, color, style, and row color
  • Bold specific fields
  • Wrap text for specific fields
  • Resize fields to show all data
  • Alternate row shading
  • Specify maximum row height
  • Specify custom formats for each field
  • Conditional formatting – format data based on its value
  • Format report so field names are always displayed with data

Post-Report Creation

  • Automatically save the report and/or a copy to a file or post to a Sharepoint site or a website
  • Automatically print report to a designated printer with a designated number of copies
  • Automatically email report or entire workbook
  • Automatically update pivot tables and pivot charts

Power and Familiarity:  ReportsDNA is an extension of Excel

  • Microsoft Excel comes installed with all versions of Microsoft Office
  • Business users are familiar with the Office interface
  • Microsoft Office users are already fluent with Excel
  • The Excel format allows reports to be easily shared
  • Users can take advantage of the Excel calculation engine and built-in data analysis functionality.